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Mica iron oxide (ash)

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Brand: Huijin
Fe2O3: >=90%
SiO2: <=3%
Oil absorption: <17%
Price: 230.00USD/Ton
Min.Order: 1 Ton
Supply 500 Ton
Delivery: Shipment within 20 days since the date of payment
Address: Henan JiaoZuo
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-03-27 16:42
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Company Detail
 Mica iron oxide (gray) is the main quality raw material for making various kinds of high-grade special antirust paints (coatings).




Antirust principle




1. The mica iron oxide paint made with this product is called armor paint in foreign countries;




2, it has a particularly good sealing and weather resistance in the paint film, corrosion medium and water vapor have a strong permeability and isolation capacity, and can absorb and reflect a lot of ultraviolet;




3, after painting the appearance of reflective metal, the surface is not easy to adhere to dust, after every rain, snow and frost, more paint film surface scrub as new, soft and generous color, do not change color, do not fade;




4, for outdoor exposure to the sun, rain, snow, frost and ocean climate conditions, salt water corroded copper and iron components have a special anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect, the protection time can reach more than 10 years.








1, due to the stability of the paint film and high mechanical strength, high purity, high temperature resistant, especially resistance to pulverization features beautiful, micaceous iron oxide pigment can be made into many kinds of primer and intermediate coating, paint, which is used for a large number of railways, Bridges, vehicles made electrophoresis micaceous iron oxide (primer), tower, oil storage tanks, ships, agricultural machinery, container, etc., metallurgy, chemical industry (chlor-alkali plant), pipes, large water gate, the cooling tower, telecommunications tower, such as blast furnace chimney spray outdoor large steel structure;




2. It can also be used to make high temperature resistant paint and infrared detection paint.

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