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Production Process of Diamond Powder

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Note: The production process and process of diamond powder

*Crushing:Use jet mill to cause strong collisions and frictional crushing between coarse diamond particles.

*Grit classification :Usually use natural sedimentation and centrifugal method

Production Process of Diamond Powder
In order to meet customers requirements, the 18 or 24 specifications should be classified from 54-80 to 0-0.1μm, so the production time is long.

*Influencing factors and control quality 

   1. The size and content of rough particles;

   2. Size distribution range;

   3. Particle shape;

   4. The strength of the diamond material.

Production Process of Diamond Powder2

*Application:More’s diamond material use for PCD tools, PDC cutter, diamond wire saw, resin bond grinding wheel, metal bond grinding wheel, grinding paste, grinding fluid ect.


*The principle of grinding wheel selection

    1. Hardness ratio between abrasive and workpiece between 1.5-2.0

    2. diamond material with high Strong resistance to pressure 

    3. The impact resistance is stronger, especially the vitrified bond diamond wheel requires strong holding force, on the contrary, the strength requirement of the resin diamond grinding wheel is not so high

    4. Chemical stability, the raw material does not chemically react with the workpiece

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