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【3.30-4.5】China Diamond Tools Weekly industry news

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-04-07  Browse number:10
Note: March 30th-April 5th, 2020 News of China Diamond Tool Industry News
 1:Yuyuan garden shares in the acquisition of French light luxury jewelry brand equity
On March 20, yuyuan holdings, the flagship platform of fosun's happy fashion, announced the acquisition of French luxury designer jewelry brand DJULA for 210 million yuan. After the acquisition, yuyuan will hold a 55.4 per cent stake in DJULA. Previously, yuyuan acquired 80% of the International Gemological Institute (" IGI "), headquartered in Belgium, in September 2018 to improve the company's industrial chain layout in the diamond field and coordinate the development of the company's diamond Mosaic business.

2:The export rebate rate of industrial diamonds will be raised from March 20
According to the ministry of finance, the state administration of taxation issued the "announcement on raising the export tax rebate rate of some products", from March 20, the export tax rebate rate of six products, including industrial diamonds and other synthetic or reconstructed diamonds, will be raised to 9% or 13% after adjustment.

3:Three kilograms of products sell for 100 million yuan
Recently, we came to jiaxing city in xiuzhou district of the jiaxing walde diamond tools co., LTD., saw the diamond cutter wheel used for LCD panel cutting. The black diamond wheel is worn on a special pin, which is only the diameter of a sesame seed. Through a microscope, you can see the neat distribution of gears on the wheel. The precision of the production is very impressive. "Last year, the weight of our main products was only about 2-3 kilograms, and the sales reached nearly 100 million yuan." Company general manager tang wenlin said.

4:Swarovski has introduced pink diamonds for the first time

Swarovski studios, the official jewellery partner of the BAFTA awards in 2020, showcased its pink lab-grown diamonds at a ceremony at London's royal Albert hall. This year marks swarovski studios' fifth year as the bafta's official jewellery partner.

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