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Development status of functional diamond(CVD) in china

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-04-04  Browse number:4
Note: The development prospect of new functional diamond tools in China is very broad, and many problems need to be solved
Traditional diamond tools make use of the mechanical properties and wear resistance of diamond. At the same time, diamond has many other physical properties, such as thermal conductivity, coefficient of expansion and so on are very good.

CVD Diamond
The appearance of diamond film has the application of diamond to breakthrough the limitation of only as a cutting tool, make its excellent heat, electricity, sound and light to give full play to the performance, it has good pervious to light quality and corrosion resistance, at present, diamond film has been applied in the semiconductor electronic devices, optical acoustic device, pressure processing and machining tools, etc., its developing at a breathtaking pace, more attractive in the high-tech field.
The domestic application level of diamond in the field of semiconductor has a certain gap with that of foreign countries.
The main production processes of functional diamond are microwave (MPACVD) and dc arc plasma injection.
High concentration of high-temperature and high-pressure diamond cultivation industry, leading enterprises such as central and southern China, hua jing and Yellow River have significant advantages in scale, quality and cost, so there is great room for future development. Through technical efforts, the cost of CVD single crystal diamond can be greatly reduced in the future, benefiting the development of the cultivation diamond industry. Different from the luxury and collection attributes of natural diamonds, the positioning of cultivating diamonds should be based on light luxury and take a differentiated development path.
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