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Luo yonghao's debut live broadcast sold 110 million yuan

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-04-03  Browse number:5
Note: Luo yonghao, 48, has changed careers again.Unlike in the past, mobile phone launches came late. This time, luo did not r
 Luo yonghao, 48, has changed careers again.
Unlike in the past, mobile phone launches came late. This time, luo did not "redefine" 8 o 'clock, on time to appear in the studio.
At 8 PM on April 1, luo yonghao, an e-commerce anchor, went online. In three hours, he took 23 pieces of goods and paid a total of 110 million yuan, setting a new record for douyin live streaming of goods.

During the live broadcast, the 12th product introduced by luo yonghao was the projector of pole meter technology. However, due to his nervousness, luo yonghao mistakenly said the projector of nut when introducing the product. Because of the slip of the tongue, luo bowed to the brand, apologized, and promised to give out 100,000 yuan red envelopes next time after a short exit. Unfamiliar with the process, mispronouncing the name of the manufacturer, the wrong product policy, etc., make the first show not so smooth.

Luo yonghao believes that live streaming e-commerce is a super big group buying behavior. Therefore, the choice of commodity supply chain, is also particularly critical. Weiya has said that the biggest problem for e-commerce anchors now is not live broadcasting. Anchors are only the tip of the iceberg in the whole commercial system of live broadcasting, and a strong team is needed behind. Zhao described weiya as "very much like an artificial intelligence, selecting AI," saying she had seen countless products with her own eyes, and that "there was a strong data operation team behind her to 'optimize the algorithm'." Wei ya in hangzhou 10 floor of the office building, specially used a floor to put the products she had broadcast, wei ya made these selected products supply base, in the future other anchors can directly share, choose the supply chain base.
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