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Scientists in the United States have discovered the first superconducting material in meteorites

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Note: According to recent news from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), American scientists have disco
 According to recent news from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), American scientists have discovered superconducting materials in two different meteorites, the first evidence that superconducting materials have formed in space. The significance of this discovery is not only that it is a rare natural form of superconducting materials, but also ignites new hope for humans in searching for room temperature superconducting materials.

Researchers have been trying to make superconducting materials in the laboratory. Some scientists have previously thought that some extreme environments in space, especially extreme temperatures and pressures under astronomical events, may cause special phases to matter, so it may be possible The special environment of space is expected to form superconducting materials. For people on the planet, a meteorite is an excellent research object "from the sky." However, there have been no reports of similar superconducting compounds found in meteorites for a long time.

In addition, researchers also pointed out that superconducting materials have been found from two completely different meteorites. Since humans do not have rich samples of meteorites, more superconducting materials may be found from the space environment in the future. On the other hand, researchers will also study the adverse effects, because the properties of superconducting materials may also have unpredictable effects on the space environment, such as the effect of superconducting particles on nearby magnetic fields.

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