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28 carat! CVD diamond cultivation technology has made a major breakthrough

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Note: On March 9, 2020, IGI international gemological institute identified a 7.06 carat CVD diamond, which also marks the grow
On March 9, 2020, IGI international gemological institute identified a 7.06 carat CVD diamond, which also marks the growing maturity of high-quality, large-carat CVD diamond technology.

This CVD diamond has been certified by IGI international gemstone institute and weighs 7.06 carats. It is F color, VVS2 clarity and 3EX cut.

 The 0.70 carat and 7.06 carat cultured diamonds

The diamond, from Chinese producer hangzhou chaoran diamond co., LTD., is said to be the world's largest high-quality CVD diamond with a weight of 28 carats. Under the condition of magnification, the inclusions in the Diamond are mainly sparse cloud-like objects. In addition, under the Diamond View, the Diamond is purple and luminous, accompanied by layers of growth patterns, which is a typical identification feature of CVD diamonds. 

7.06 carat cultivation diamond and certificate

CVD, Chemical Vapor Deposition 

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is one of the growing methods of diamond cultivation, and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) is another High Temperature and High Pressure method.


In contrast, HPHT has been applied to gem grade cultivated diamonds earlier, and HPHT cultivated diamonds have appeared in the jewelry market since 2010.


With the further development of CVD technology, the carat weight of CVD diamonds also increases. In 2018, the weight record of Washington Diamond, a us CVD Diamond company, has been raised to 9.04 carats. However, the quality of this Diamond is still limited by the color and clarity, namely I color and VS2 clarity.



This also reflects a technical difficulty in the process of diamond cultivation. As the growth cycle increases, the color and clarity quality of the cultivated diamond become more unstable, which is why it is often difficult for the clarity and color level of the large-carat cultivated diamond to meet the top quality of d-f color and if-vvs clarity at the same time.

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