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China's semiconductor industry chain development in 2020

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-03-21  Browse number:7
Note: Starting from 2019, the domestic semiconductor industry has entered a new stage of domestic demand driven driven by the
 Starting from 2019, the domestic semiconductor industry has entered a new stage of domestic demand driven driven by the localization of the supply chain of technology enterprises such as 5G and artificial intelligence. However, an outbreak since the beginning of 2020 has disrupted the rhythm.

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The industry once worried that if the outbreak is not effectively controlled in the first half of the year, the terminal enterprises do not reach the corresponding output, may appear in the second half of the year capacity strain situation. However, according to the current level of domestic epidemic prevention and control and downstream of the resumption of work, the second quarter will be relatively better than the first quarter. But under the outbreak, the industry has inevitably undergone a series of changes.

What was the impact of the outbreak


China's semiconductor industry chain, including chip design, chip manufacturing, chip sealing and testing, as well as some semiconductor equipment and raw materials and other enterprises, after the Spring Festival, the resumption of work time is generally delayed, but the extent of the impact of each link varies.



In addition, during the outbreak, the shortage of medical testing equipment, semiconductor companies order short bursts of welcome, including infrared temperature detector, breathing machine, oxygen generator, and other products, silan micro, China resources microelectronics, huada semiconductor companies such as to satisfy customer requirements in a timely manner, to work overtime to complete the order task during outbreaks, in the field of medical chips, semiconductor companies benefit even larger.


According to the current situation of the global outbreak, the relevant personnel said that if the outbreak can be controlled in the first half of the year, the industry is expected to enjoy explosive growth in the second half of the year, the growth rate is expected to offset the recession in the first half of the year, the whole year can basically achieve the target.


According to industry online forecast, due to the low base of domestic household appliances chip, the overall growth will still maintain above 15% in 2020, the outbreak point is mainly from kitchen power, small appliances and intelligent furniture field, because of the high barriers, it is difficult to increase and replace in a short term.


In short, although the semiconductor industry is currently affected by the epidemic, it will not change the development trend of China's semiconductor industry. However, the self-sufficiency rate of domestic core chip is still very low.

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