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Brown corundum export decline affected by the outbreak!

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-03-21  Browse number:7
Note: At present, there is a double scene of ice and fire both at home and abroad, and the number of confirmed cases of new cr
     At present, there is a double scene of ice and fire both at home and abroad, and the number of confirmed cases of new crown in foreign countries increases sharply, which adds to the shadow of brown corundum foreign trade enterprises. 

brown alumina abrasive

Foreign trade enterprises are seriously affected, such as: factories can not start on time, orders can not perform, enterprises dare not accept orders; International liners and flights were reduced, and some export goods were delayed in port; Foreign buyers will be worried about the outbreak, some orders will be cancelled or delayed, etc. The superposition of several problems has made this year's foreign trade situation more complicated and severe.


This week, guizhou baiyun district organized a work arrangement meeting to clean up and ban bauxite and limestone calcined clay vertical kilns. According to relevant arrangements of the meeting, guizhou baiyun district will investigate bauxite and limestone calcined clay vertical kilns according to law, and ban and dismantle them according to relevant law enforcement procedures. This could have an impact on the already tight alumina market.



As the raw material bauxite raw ore supply is tight, most producers of cooked bauxite production is limited, the spot market of cooked bauxite supply is tight, the price is firm. Some industry people think: the current spot supply shortage of cooked bauxite market may continue, only after the outbreak to gradually return to normal, in the short term, cooked bauxite prices are difficult to adjust.

Brown fused alumina abrasive

This week, some manufacturers of brown alumina abrasive materials reported a decrease in inquiries due to the fact that the operating rate of downstream abrasive enterprises did not return to the level of the same period of last year and the market demand was weak. But in the production cost pressure, the enterprise also has no intention to reduce the product price, brown alumina abrasive price remains unchanged.


Guizhou area brown corundum products quote


F24-36:56 50~ 5,900 ¥/T; Middle size: about 5500 ¥/T; Fine size: 4400 ~ 5000 ¥/T. (ex-factory price with tax)


Quotation of brown corundum products in yichuan area


Dumping block: 4450-4600 ¥/T; F12-22# : 5,750-5,950 ¥/T, f24-54 # : 5,750-5,950 ¥/T, f60-90 # : 5,200-5,300 ¥/T, f100-220 # : 4,800-4,950 ¥/T. (ex-factory price with tax)


Brown corundum products in sanmenxia area


Fixed furnace block: 4400-4550 ¥/T; Dumping furnace block 4650-4750 ¥/T; Grain size sand 5650-5950 ¥/T. (ex-factory price with tax)


Dengfeng area brown corundum products quote


Dumping furnace block: 4450-4650 ¥/T or so; Grain size sand f16-46:5750 ~5950 ¥/T; F54-60: RMB 5,350 ~ 5,550 / T; F70-80:4950~5050 ¥/T; F90-220:4800~4950 ¥/T.

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