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The operation of China's nonferrous metal industry in 2019

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-03-11  Browse number:12
Note: China's nonferrous metal industry will be stable in 2019 and continue to make efforts in 2020
  In 2019, China's nonferrous metals industry continued to deepen supply-side structural reform, coordinated efforts to optimize the increment, optimize stock, improve quality and improve efficiency, strictly controlled the new production capacity of electrolytic aluminum, accelerated the transformation of traditional industries into smart and green ones, and the overall operation of the industry was stable.

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1. Overall stable production and restorative growth of fixed asset investment. In 2019, the output of 10 types of nonferrous metals reached 58.42 million tons, up 3.5 percent and down 2.5 percentage points. The added value of nonferrous metals industry grew by 8.2%, 2.5 percentage points higher than the industrial average. Investment in fixed assets in nonferrous industries reversed the trend of sharp year-on-year decline in the first quarter and grew by 2.1% in the whole year, including 6.8% in mining, 1.2% in smelting and processing, and accelerating investment in energy conservation and emission reduction technologies and high-end materials.


2, the price continued to fall, the industry benefits continue to decline trend. In 2019, the average spot prices of copper, aluminum, lead and zinc were 47,739 yuan/ton, 13,960 yuan/ton, 16,639 yuan/ton and 20,489 yuan/ton respectively, down 5.8%, 2.1%, 13% and 13.5% year-on-year. The revenue of non-ferrous enterprises was 604.2 billion yuan, up 7.1% year on year and 2.6 percentage points higher than the industrial average. The total profit was 157.8 billion yuan, down 6.5% year on year, of which 30.1 billion yuan was made in the mining industry, down 28.4% year on year. The profits of the smelting and processing industries were 64.7 billion yuan and 63 billion yuan, up 0.6% and 1.4% year on year. In terms of varieties, the benefits of lead-zinc mining, tungsten and molybdenum smelting and gold and silver smelting industries decreased by 7.5 billion yuan, 6.5 billion yuan and 4.5 billion yuan compared with the same period last year.


3,import and export trade declined year on year, and the pace of going global has been accelerating. In 2019, the total import and export volume of the nonferrous metals industry was 173.9 billion us dollars, down 12.4% year on year, of which the import volume was 144 billion us dollars, down 13.5% year on year, and the export volume was 29.8 billion us dollars, down 6.7% year on year. Overseas development has been actively promoted. Overseas projects of jinchuan group, chinalco group and wanbao minerals have been successfully put into operation and reached production. The bauxite ore of the guinea bauxite mine project of chinalco has been supplied to China. 

In 2020, the non-ferrous metal industry overcapacity risks remain, greening and intelligent reform a difficult task, the international trade environment is complicated,, it is necessary to further expand the consumer market of the industry will be in accordance with requirements of the central economic work conference, continue to deepen the structural reform, the supply side to continue strict controls of electrolytic aluminum, resolve the key industry overcapacity risk, consolidate the reform achievement; Accelerate high-end, intelligent and standardized development, and upgrade the development level of the industrial chain; We will tap the potential of domestic demand, expand emerging export markets, and promote steady growth of the industry 
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