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How will China's machine tool industry develop in 2020

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-03-10  Browse number:7
Note: In 2020, the development trend of the machine tool industry is expected to be low and high, and gradually pick up
  In 2020, the development trend of the machine tool industry is expected to be low and high, and gradually pick up; On the whole, the structural problems in the industry have not been significantly alleviated, the situation of declining returns and sluggish investment has not been reversed, and the development pressure of enterprises still exists. In some segments, 2020 is still worth looking forward to.
   China's machine tool industry develop in 2020

1. Small and medium-sized multi-functional machine tools suitable for small batch production


When god closes a door, he opens a window. Suitable for small batch production of multi-functional small and medium-sized machine tool equipment is this year's machine tool industry "window", such as the outbreak of a fire in the mask machine, ultrasonic welding machine (for masks need welding parts) and so on. 

2, second-hand machine tools


Second-hand machine tools will also be a flashpoint in 2020. The reasons are as follows: first, 2019-ncov eliminated a number of enterprises, these enterprises urgently need to deal with processing equipment, which will inject new sources of goods into the second-hand machine tool trading market, the second-hand market is bound to be activated; Second, the purchase cost of second-hand machine tools is low, the current enterprise investment tends to be conservative, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, second-hand equipment is more cost-effective.

And in the industry, many people think that second-hand old equipment is more stable; Third, the supply of second-hand machine tools is more stable. This year, affected by the 2019-ncov, the machine tool enterprises delayed the resumption of work, the problem of recruitment became more prominent, which also affected the normal production and operation. Second-hand machine tools are not concerned about this aspect, for the eager purchase of equipment, the recovery of the production of processing enterprises, second-hand machine tools is undoubtedly a good choice.

3:Machine tools with high degree of automation/intelligence


Highly automated/intelligent machine tools will be favored by enterprises in 2020.


Affected by the 2019-ncov, our business operations were basically paralyzed in February. Although work resumed in March, the normal production and operation was still affected by the epidemic. Especially in some manufacturing enterprises, because the workers can not come to work, the resumption of production is particularly difficult.


Now, if they want to get back on their feet soon, they need to reduce the impact of workers on production. So automated equipment that can be done with few or no workers will get more attention. In recent years, our machine tool enterprises, has been to the direction of intelligent, automation development, this year may be the flowering of fruit time. 

4:Machine tools sold online


In 2020, there will be more markets for machine tools sold online. At present, the offline sales model is blocked, online sales become the mainstream. If you can occupy the online sales channel at this time, it is equal to more than others sales market. In addition, the online sales model has obvious advantages over the offline model.


First, there are various online modes with high exposure. Can use search engine already rank, also can put on advertisement, video, show richer. Second, low price, cost-effective. Compared to the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of offline advertising investment, online is much more cost-effective. Third, simple access to information, more buyers love. Now equipment buyers before purchasing, often in the first online preliminary understanding of the product. 
China's machine tool industry develop in 2020 Intelligent machine
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