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More than 70% of the wood and wood products production enterprises have returned to production

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Note: The outbreak forced the extension of the holiday of the Chinese timber market, this week officially sounded the call for
 The outbreak forced the extension of the holiday of the Chinese timber market, this week officially sounded the call for a full resumption of production. According to the conservative estimate of the industry, by February 29, it is expected that the timber and wood products production and operation enterprises will return to production and work rate will reach more than 70%.

Wood products enterprise


However, compared with the lively circle of the resumption of production news, wood business after the outbreak of wood market trend, seems to be more concerned.


According to the investigation and understanding of the reporters, although compared with the transportation, tourism, retail, accommodation and catering industries, the new pneumonia epidemic has a relatively small direct impact on China's timber industry, but due to the epidemic control measures or the resumption of work to postpone the timber production and operation activities still suffered a great impact. Take timber sales performance as an example. Industry estimates, the first quarter of 2020 wood sales performance year on year will show a significant decline, which in February wood sales performance of "zero" wood business is not a few!


In the face of this situation, even though many market participants believe that the outbreak for China's wood industry just lagging "demand", can not be ignored, however, in 2020 China's timber market will face more severe structural market demand, demand downside pressure will overlap and outbreak, will make some weaker enterprises face unprecedented test.


Guangdong wood operating businesses, said when accepting a reporter to interview is in the long term, under the stimulus of strong domestic demand power, China furniture consumption still has enough toughness and the huge potential, but in terms of short-term market, affected by the industry structural adjustment, the Chinese furniture enterprise will face a huge pressure, especially the traditional annatto furniture business operators, the market impact is bigger. This will also bring a huge crisis to the supplier of raw materials - timber. The black swan event of the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020 will make the wood industry, which already has many problems, face a more complex and volatile market environment. This year, the Chinese wood market is likely to be "easy money is gone, everyone has to work harder!"


However, in contrast to the pessimistic outlook for the whole year, some market participants have estimated that the huge rigid demand unleashed by the Chinese timber market after the outbreak is likely to push the market out of a wave of "Indian summer" in the first half of the year. This is mainly because the current downstream furniture enterprises in the pre-holiday raw material reserves are mostly "zero inventory", after the outbreak of the disease with the downstream furniture enterprises to resume production and speed up, this part of the delayed market demand will be released, and this will become the first half of the Chinese wood market "industry feast". But who does this "big cake" belong to? At present all is still variable, capital, channel service ability and the ability to control the source of resources will be the key to the timber business to win the market.


It may seem like a land of mountains and rivers, but it may also be a time of rebirth. To win this common war "epidemic", future opportunities and new roads for the timber market may be in the near future.
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