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By 2020, photovoltaic and hydrogen energy will account for 90 percent of the national electricity in

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Note: Clean energy is playing an increasingly important role in China's energy industry. Not only are many new enterprises entering the industry, but also a large number of energy giants are taking advantage of this opportunity to start new businesses.
 In recent years, clean energy has been playing an increasingly important role in China's energy industry. Not only have many new enterprises invested in the industry, but also a large number of energy giants have taken this opportunity to start new businesses.

Hydrogen energy Car


The army, dominated by state-owned energy companies, has played an important role in the push for clean energy.


Among them, state power investment group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as state power investment) is particularly prominent.


According to recent information, the state power investment corporation plans to invest nearly 300 projects in 2020, and a large number of clean energy projects with a total value of more than 100 billion yuan will be involved.


As a traditional large energy enterprise, the pace of state power investment not only shows the importance of clean energy, but also represents the transformation direction of a group of enterprises.


State power is betting on clean energy


The state investment corporation has a long history of enthusiasm for clean energy. A few years ago, companies proposed to increase the share of clean energy installed to more than 50% by 2020. Although that goal was met last year, it hasn't slowed the pace of clean energy development.


Recently, it was reported that clean energy and new forms of business account for 90 percent of the 300 or so new investment projects planned by the state in 2020. The plan, with a total investment of 104.4 billion yuan, includes a number of projects in nuclear, hydrogen, photovoltaic and smart energy, with investment quotas nearly doubling from last year.


National electricity investment is to promote clean energy projects, such as qinghai HaiNaZhou must kilowatt new energy base, wulanchabu wind power base in a phase of demonstration projects, sichuan ganzi clean energy base of the project's first phase is the domestic key projects in the field of clean energy.


What is particularly noteworthy is that the state power investment corporation is different from other enterprises in that it is the third enterprise with nuclear power operation qualification in China besides China national nuclear corporation and China general nuclear power corporation. Therefore, nuclear energy also accounts for a certain proportion of clean energy projects.


The new projects have led to new plans for clean energy installations this year. At the state power investment corporation's 2020 work meeting in mid-january, it said that by the end of 2020, the installed power capacity will reach 171 million kw, with clean energy accounting for no less than 54%.


As a traditional power generation group dominated by thermal power, this means that the company has gradually turned to green power, to clean energy enterprises.


According to the plan, in the next few years, the state power investment will further increase its investment in clean energy, and the installed proportion of clean energy will reach 60% by 2025 and 75% by 2035, transforming itself from a comprehensive energy group into a clean energy enterprise.


The new five power generation group changes


In fact, in recent years, the "new five power generation groups" (note: China huaneng, China datang, China huadian, China state investment corporation and China national energy group), including state power investment corporation, have been actively exploring the development of clean energy.


As early as 2016, the national energy administration explicitly required all thermal power enterprises to assume more than 15 percent of their thermal power capacity from non-water renewable sources by 2020. That requirement has prompted the five biggest power groups to boost their clean-energy businesses.


Although each enterprise is developing clean energy, its specific advantages and emphasis are different.


Among them, the proportion of clean energy accounted for by the state power investment corporation ranks the first among the five power generation groups. It not only has highly characteristic nuclear power, but also has outstanding performance in photovoltaic, wind and other aspects.


Huadian group is more advanced in the field of hydropower and natural gas power generation; The size of national energy group is huge, and the field of wind power is relatively outstanding. And huaneng and datang development is more balanced, in recent years there are signs of increasing the size of the photovoltaic industry.


As the clean-energy business accelerates, the big five power groups are also starting to restructure their coal-power businesses.


Starting in 2019, the pilot project of regional integration of coal and electricity resources in central enterprises will be launched. The five major power generation groups are leading the integration of coal power resources in gansu, shaanxi, xinjiang, qinghai, ningxia and other regions. It is planned to reduce the coal power capacity pressure in the pilot areas by one-fourth to one-third in about three years, and the production structure will be significantly optimized.


According to the data, the five major power generation groups will shut down 1.57 million kilowatts of outdated coal-fired power capacity in 2019.


Of course, this does not mean that companies will abandon coal power business, but to optimize coal power as a stock, looking for more room for growth in the direction of clean energy.



However, with the acceleration of the process of clean energy, the development mode of traditional electric power enterprises, mainly coal power, has not been adapted to the new market, and clean energy will become the new development momentum of these enterprises in the future.
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