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Photovoltaic will be the world's leading source of electricity

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Note: in the future, the world's energy and power structure is a high proportion of renewable energy, or even 100% renewable energy structure.
 The international energy agency, the international renewable energy agency, the American wind/solar energy industry association, the European commission and other international research institutions have all pointed out that in the future, the world's energy and power structure is a high proportion of renewable energy, or even 100% renewable energy structure.


In the high proportion of renewable energy structure, the proportion of photovoltaic is the highest. It is widely believed that solar installations will account for more than 50% of the world's total. Since the implementation of China's renewable energy law in 2006, China's photovoltaic industry has made remarkable achievements, and photovoltaic will become the world's most important source of electricity.

Photovoltaic power source 

In terms of the scale of the photovoltaic industry, since 2007, China has ranked the first in the world for several consecutive years, with its global output accounting for more than 70% on average. Currently, China's photovoltaic module production capacity is about 150 gigawatts, the industry employs 2.5 million people, the annual value of the whole industrial chain is up to 500 billion yuan, and the export exceeds 20 billion us dollars.

In terms of cost reduction, both the price of photovoltaic modules and the system cost have been reduced by more than 90% in 10 years. In 2008, the price of photovoltaic modules in China was 25 yuan per watt, the system cost was 50 yuan per watt, and the photovoltaic on-grid electricity price was 4 yuan per KWH. By the end of 2019, the average price of high-efficiency components was less than 2 yuan per watt, and the average cost of the system was less than 4 yuan per watt. The state-published on-grid electricity price of photovoltaic power was 0.4 yuan to 0.55 yuan per KWH, which made an important contribution to the realization of parity online of photovoltaic power generation in China and even the world.


From the perspective of technology level, China's photovoltaic industrialization technology is in the world's leading level, trina, longji, jinko, hanergy and other leading enterprises have broken the world record in photovoltaic module efficiency for many times, and various high-efficiency battery technologies have achieved large-scale industrialization in China. More than 95% of manufacturing equipment is made in China, and a small number of high-end equipment produced abroad also belong to the Shared intellectual property rights. There is no technical barrier to the whole industrial chain.


From the perspective of market development, since 2013, China has been the world's largest newly installed photovoltaic power generation for seven consecutive years. Since 2015, the cumulative installed capacity has ranked the first in the world for five consecutive years. In 2019, the installed capacity will be 30.1 gigawatts, accounting for one quarter of the global installed capacity. By the end of 2019, China's cumulative installed photovoltaic capacity will reach 205 gigawatts, accounting for 10.2 percent of the country's total installed electricity capacity. 
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