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Intelligent vehicle is really coming

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-03-06  Browse number:4
Note: In 2025, China's standard smart car technology innovation, industrial ecology, infrastructure, regulatory standards, pro

 In 2025, China's standard smart car technology innovation, industrial ecology, infrastructure, regulatory standards, product supervision and network security system will be basically formed. At the same time, the intelligent cars with conditions of autonomous driving can achieve large-scale production, and the intelligent cars with high degree of autonomous driving can be applied to the market in a specific environment.

Intelligent vehicle

This goal has attracted wide attention. Many industry insiders said that with the development of 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies and the improvement of residents' demand level, smart cars will play a more important role in life, and the huge space of relevant markets will be further opened.

Scale production will be realized within 5 years

Baiyunfei, a young white-collar financial worker who lives in pingyuan, chaoyang district, Beijing, drives to work at yangshan bridge, 25 kilometers north of the fifth ring road, every weekday. Drive to and from work everyday, although let white cloud fly feel convenient, also mix with a lot of exhaustion. "I usually drive about 50 minutes to work, and it takes me more than 70 minutes to get home from work in traffic. Going to work is already busy, but getting stuck in traffic makes it even more tiring." "Said baiyunfei.

Because driving to and from work is tired and boring, baiyunfei to the car's function has more vision. "For example, it's a hassle to drive out and find a parking space, and I wish I had the ability to find a parking space automatically. For another example, if the entertainment system can achieve the traditional and modern intelligence combination, on the one hand to retain the physical keys, but also can have a voice control system, such as voice on cruise, voice control to listen to music to make a phone call, and so on. At present, I don't know the whole situation of smart cars, but I hope the development of smart cars will make the driving and riding experience better."


Intelligent vehicle refers to a new generation of vehicles equipped with advanced sensors and other devices, using artificial intelligence and other new technologies, with autonomous driving function, and gradually become an intelligent mobile space and application terminal, commonly known as intelligent network vehicles, autonomous driving vehicles. In recent years, "smart cars" have been extremely hot but still in the experimental stage of the topic. And this "intelligent car innovation development strategy" release, let consumer feel, intelligent car is really coming.

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