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Suzhou Saili Precision Tools Co.,Ltd.

Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

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  SUZHOU SAILI PRECISION TOOLS CO., LTD. is a high-tech corporation that is specialized in the research, development and production of resinoid, vitrified
and electroplated diamond & CBN wheels, resinoid and metal bonded ultra thin and precision diamond/CBN blades , also it is the company which is one of
the largest in productive scale, one of the most in export and replacing inport. about 25,000 pcs of diamond/CBN wheels and ultra thin blades are made in the
company per month.For these products, Saili inported, first and later, technology and equipement from America, Germany, Britian, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
These technolody and equipement are helping Saiil to make their products to the top quality.

With its scientific quality-control system ISO 9001:2000, advanced equipment and excellent service, Saili has got a great reputation among customers. Saili's
products have been widely used in the fields of tools, Molds, Bearing, Compressor, Ceramics and Magnetic material... [Details]