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Henan Huijing Group Co.,Ltd.

Natural Diamond,Metal Powder,Raw and auxiliary materials

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Huijin group was founded in 1992 and has been focusing on the development and industrialization of phosphorus for 28 years. Is a phosphorus element as the core drive, industry across steel, aluminum raw materials; Anticorrosive face filler (anticorrosive paint field); Diamond tool matrix powder (diamond tool field); Cement and lime firing system equipment (cement and lime field); Environmental protection equipment and other building materials industry, set micro powder, new materials, new intelligent equipment manufacturing and other high-tech industry chain project research and development, production, sales, service in one of the large manufacturing enterprises.


Innovative winning, focus, huijin group has henan huijin metallurgy technology co., LTD., henan taihe huijin powder technology co., LTD., henan new jia huijin aluminum industry co., LTD., henan huijin intelligent equipment co., LTD., henan is huijin environmental protection technology co., LTD., henan and huijin on environmental protection technology co., LTD., and other brand. Word of mouth products include phosphoric iron, phosphoric pig iron, pure series of antirust face filler, HJ series of reinforced prealloy powder, HJ energy saving burner, ammonia free denitrification kiln tail-burning system technical reform, double zero processor for recycling bad water, non-organization dust treatment - dry fog dust suppression, new compound catalytic desulfurization technology. HJ energy-saving burner, phosphorus iron, phosphorus pig iron, phosphorus iron powder and other series of products are in the industry.


Huijin group marketing headquarters is located in the thorough fares of nine provinces, the national important transport hub city, the rise of central China hinterland - zhengzhou, the factory is located in jiaozuo wuzhi county zhan shop industry &trade district east huijin road no. 1, two strategic base in photograph reflect, landslide have the "right time", comprehensive implementation of network layout, the full supply, the overall deployment of the logistics distribution strategy. Realized the delivery time is the shortest, the best service, convenient and fast customer commitment.


Huijin group takes customers' satisfaction with "huijin" brand as the golden needle index. In 2016, the "three true principles" (truly bringing value to customers, truly valuing product quality, truly thinking of customers) were put forward to achieve both reform and innovation, and to practice the perfect combination of quality and service. "The sea across the river, fully show the hero" I believe that in the future journey, huijin group will be at all levels of government care and support to enter the new era, with practical action to uphold the central plains, standing in the industry landmark brand!

Company Profile
Company Name: Henan Huijing Group Co.,Ltd. Company Type: Enterprise (Manufacturers)
Area: Henan/JiaoZuo Company Size: 50-99 people
Registered Capital: 7000Thousands RMB Registered Year: 1992
Security deposit: Already paid 0.00 USD
Business Type: Manufacturers
Business Scope: Natural Diamond,Metal Powder,Raw and auxiliary materials
Superhard Abrasives / Natural Diamond Powder for Diamond Tools / Metal Powder Powder for Diamond Tools / Raw and auxiliary materials