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  • Brand Name:HHCAme
  • Company:Henan HuangHE Tanaka Kame Press Co., LTD.
  • Website:http://www.hhcame.com
  • Area:HenanZhengzhou
  • Hits:7
  • Updated:2020-03-24
Brand Introduction

Henan Huanghe Tanaka Kame Press co., LTD., a subsidiary of henan Yellow River industrial group, is located in changge city, 30 kilometers south of zhengzhou international airport, and east to beijing-guangzhou railway and beijing-zhuhai expressway.


Our company is represented by advanced machinery and equipment, advanced technology and scientific management methods, which are made in Japan, to provide customers with high precision and stable quality products. Long engaged in the development and development of special equipment for diamond tools, has developed the domestic advanced automatic powder forming press; Full automatic saw blade press, full automatic grinding wheel press, full automatic tool head press, full automatic automobile interior and exterior decoration press, etc. Over the years, the company's products sell well in the country, and exported to Thailand, India, southeast Asia and South America and other places. In addition, according to customer requirements to undertake the transformation of equipment and new product development and research.


Using the experience, technology and management accumulated by tanaka turtle in Japan for many years, we can provide competitive products in the international market and provide high quality service to our customers.

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