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Experts speculate that diamonds were discovered in India around the 8th to 6th centuries BC, followed by discoveries in Brazil, Australia and South Africa.


Because natural diamond is dazzling, therefore, for a long time mainly used as an ornament. With the appearance of artificial diamond polishing, large grain diamond, which is perfectly carved and crystalline, has become the king of gemstones due to their rarity in nature and the difficulty and time consuming of polishing.


With the development of diamond properties, diamond is the hardest mineral in nature and has many excellent mechanical properties. Therefore, diamond from the beginning as an ornament into the application of industrial technology, as a tool, with its high efficiency, high precision, high speed and many other advantages gradually developed into the king of tools.


If you are or will be developed and applied in an industrial production technology in the field of diamond tools, or in an industrial technology in the field of research and development and production work and confusion in its various machining problem, or you are engaged in some hard brittle object (stone, building materials, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, minerals, nanometer material) of industrial processes, or you are engaged in some machining precision, and can't find a specialized site, perhaps you should remember that our web site www.074930.buzz, China diamond tools network, it will be your best choice.


China diamond tools network(www.074930.buzz) will collect the information about diamond tools, diamond tools, suppliers, raw materials, abrasives, accessories, diamond tool research and development technology, diamond tool machinery, diamond tool measurement equipment and so on, and strive to become the most professional B2B industry website of diamond tools in China.


Life must have luster, life must be a bright spot, work deduction enjoy.


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